The Discover series of Bible studies is a very well established set of studies originating in the USA. It is used by many of NBI´s sister Bible schools all over the world. The studies are doctrinal in nature and strongly Bible-based. If you are willing, these guides will take you on one of the most thrilling adventures of your life!

They will help you discover the answers to life´s greatest questions as you search for new meaning and purpose in today´s topsy-turvy world. 

The Discover course covers the major themes of truth in the Bible. Using your own Bible as your study the course may be helpful, but all the key Bible references are also written out in each study guide.

Each study starts will a short story. The topic in study is then discussed, with Bible verses being the core of the study.

After having read the material, you close the study by filling out a separate quiz sheet. The quiz is a mixture of free answers, multiple choice, true/false, ticking the correct statements, etc. You send in the completed quiz sheet to NBI, and will get it back corrected together with the next guides.

The Course has 26 studies


1. We can believe in God
2. We can believe in the Bible
3. Does my life really matter to God?
4. A plan for your life
5. Bridge to a satisfying life
6. A second chance at life
7. About your future
8. When Jesus comes for you
9. Your home in heaven
10. How soon will Jesus return?
11. Mysterious power in my life
12. An ever-present saviour
13. From guilty sinner to forgiven saint
14. The secret of answered prayer
15. The secret of happiness
16. The secret of heavenly rest
17. The secret of growth through sharing
18. The secret of a healthy lifestyle
19. Entering the christian life
20. The secret of growth through fellowship
21. Can the majority be wrong?
22. Is God fair?
23. What and where is hell?
24. When a person dies … what then?
25. Can I find God’s church today?
26. Does God have a special message for our day?

About the course

Age: Youth and adult
Degree of difficulty (1-5): 3-4
Type of course: Bible course, teachings
Is background knowledge needed? No
Lessons: 26 (12 submissions)
Language: English

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